Okay, domestic violence is awful.  Awful  Awful.  Police involvement is necessary at times.   It might be necessary most of the times.  At other times, not necessary.  If you slugged first, and she slugged second, and you are separated, and no one is at risk, police involvement is a waste of resources.  If you are at risk?   Altogether different situation.  If you have a handle on it, you are safe, you have separate households, you have kids in the middle and limited resources, the biggest one is behaving, maybe the police is not the answer.  They are there to protect.   This is a strange position for a Mom to take.  But  a good portion of the divorces are only complicated by the cost and damage of police and restraining orders.  The police are there for you — use them if you need them.  If not, it is huge hassle.  Think on it.  Better safe than sorry?? Yes.  But think on it.   Try not to use it as punitive resource in a divorce.

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