This week the Dad and Mom were settling parenting time, and when we ran the child support guidelines, the Dad was anxious, saying if he paid guideline support he could not make enough money to live.  It was correct, paying the $385 per month in support would mean he could no longer meet his living expenses which were minimal and reasonable.  On the other hand, without the money the Mom could not care for their son, she was also being reasonable.  You need to know that support is never enough for the needs of your child and almost always more than the other person can afford.  The money that used to support one household now has to support two households and it seldom stretches far enough.  Yes, you can go to court and argue about it.  Yes you can try to bargain with the other parent.  But this is a big problem for many families and there is no easy way for anyone.  No quick or easy answers here.  A lot of thought went into these guidelines by a lot of people knowing the families would face this problem.  Every state has different guidelines, but none of them are easy on anyone.

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