It is an awful event, to tell your kids you are divorcing their parents.  It takes courage to do it, and more courage to do it right.   First, know your kids already know there is trouble in paradise, so telling them they are right might be hurtful, but in some respects there is a relief factor.  If you can, tell them together.  Stick up for each other, cry as a family,  or tease or eat ice cream together, whatever it takes to make the telling less terrible for them.  Kids always think it is their fault, so be sure to reassure them it is just the way it is.  Reassure them they are not losing either of you.  You will have to do this more than once.  And bide your tongue in the weeks following — they know they are half of you both, so if you say something bad about their other parent, they think you said something bad about themselves.  Counseling never hurts.  Stay on the same page for discipline, they will test the waters.  Tell the truth and hug a lot, hugging works.    The document we draft will address lots of items on parenting you have not thought of, there is time to work it out, just let them know it is getting worked out.  Then hug some more.