Hello, welcome to my website and thank you for visiting today.
Please explore my site for answers to the usual questions. I am an experienced divorce lawyer from other states, now doing strictly mediation in the Grand Rapids metro area.

Most of my mediations settle within eight or ten hours — My best guess is about 65% settle, so you are finished, no more anxiety, questions or arguments.  My hourly rate is $175.00 per hour, first hour is free to all clients so you can check it out.


Come in before you file divorce.  Come in afterwards.  Mediation is open.

You can spend hours and thousands of dollars for your divorce, and it will come out somewhere near half — or come in for a mediation and it will probably come out somewhere near half.     If during the mediation you are not comfortable, just say so, and we end it.

I am court certified for mediation by Kent, Ottawa and Allegan counties.

My office is just north of downtown Grand Rapids and my schedule is flexible. Please call if I can be of assistance, or just to answer questions.

I will be direct, straightforward and sometimes convey difficult messages.  My style is generally pretty bottom-line.  I will make sure you and yours are treated with courtesy and respect, while keeping you on track towards resolving the problems.

First call me.  We talk, we set a meeting for you and your spouse.  If at that meeting you both agree, we set the mediation.