patricia rileyHello, welcome to my website and thank you for visiting today.
Please explore my site for answers to the usual questions. I am an experienced divorce lawyer from other states, now doing strictly mediation in the Grand Rapids metro area.

Mediation is an alternative to litigation — saves you trips to the courthouse to work out your private family business. Mediation can work with lawyers, or before or after lawyers. As a lawyer, I enjoy working with colleagues, and will say so during the mediation if legal advice is becoming critical. A good divorce mediator will help you answer those many questions about how to handle the real estate, the taxes, the parenting plans, the division of retirement accounts.

I am court certified for mediation by Kent, Ottawa and Allegan counties.

My office is just north of downtown Grand Rapids and my schedule is flexible. Please call if I can be of assistance, or just to answer questions.

I will be direct, straightforward and sometimes convey difficult messages.  My style is generally pretty bottom-line.  I will make sure you and yours are treated with courtesy and respect, while keeping you on track towards resolving the problems.

First call me.  We talk, we set a meeting for you and your spouse.  If at that meeting you both agree, we set the mediation.